"There are no concerts, no stages, no freedom. It isn't real... It never was."

- Anne to Emily upon the latter's arrival at Bainbridge

Anne is a fictional character featured in The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls. She is former pupil of the Unfortunate Girls' Music Conservatoire and later, friend and sister of Emily.

History[edit | edit source]

Anne is first mentioned, not by name, as Emily's sister, who is said to have died when Emily was an infant. Instead, like her sister after her, Anne was sold to the Headmaster of the Music Conservatoire Her instrument also the violin, but after being bought by Count de Rothsberg she is too frightened to play for his parties.

The Count is enraged upon discovering Anne's poor talent and while receiving a refund for his failed purchase, he keeps Anne in his custody to prevent her from shedding light on the goings-on in his mansion. She considers her lack of musical proficiency a blessing in disguise as this makes her a less attractive target for the Count and his murderous friends. She spends her days cleaning up after their wild parties, cooking and taking care of the female residents as they arrive, none of which seem to stay very long.

Anne and Emily leaping into the Thames during their escape from Bainbridge, seen in the background.

Anne endures the Count's abuse for a number of years before Emily comes to live at the mansion. She coolly welcomes the new resident, but as time goes by opens up to her. After Emily is viciously set upon by the Count, Anne nurses her back to health and tells her the truth about the Conservatoire and the future that awaits her.

Eventually Anne has her fill of the Count's violent escapades and masterminds an escape from the mansion which comes to an end at the middle of the bridge across to London Town. Having no other way out, and unwilling to face her fate if seized by the Count and his friends, she and Emily jump into the icy waters of the Thames. She drowns. Emily remarks, after seeing her amongst the unidentified dead behind the cathedral, that Anne seems at peace, and as such does not feel sad for her.

Appearance and personality[edit | edit source]

Her life at Bainbridge has rendered Anne jaded and emotionless, caring not for neither encouragement nor torment. She takes a liking to Emily, but fearing for her new friend's life if the Count sees her being friendly to her, she alternates between 'gentle Anne' and 'curt Anne'.

She is described by Emily as being very beautiful, with green eyes much like her own, and long rust-colored braids. Her neck is horrendously scarred and lacerated from being branded with the Count's Master Key.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • While it is never stated within the book, Emilie confirmed that Anne is Emily's older sister in one of the FanClub Chats.
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