Captain Maggot
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Bloody Crumpet
Name Maggie Rose Lally
Stage Name Captain Maggot/Maggots
Born January 1989
Located Los Angeles, California, United States
Fields Stilt walking, fire, hula hooping, aerial acrobatics
Active October 2008 - Present

Maggie Lally plays Captain Maggot (sometimes Maggots), one of the Bloody Crumpets. She is the second woman to assume the role as "Captain" after Vecona's departure.

As a Bloody CrumpetEdit

Tivoli 23032011 Emilie Autumn 105 door Monica Duffels

Captain Maggot 23 March 2012 in Utrecht, NL

Maggie's first show performing as Captain Maggot with Emilie and the Crumpets was on September 26, 2008. She was joined by Contessa and Sugarless, both of whom were newcomers as well. All of three women were member of the circus troupe Lucent Dossier.

Despite Maggot being largely regarded as the successor to Captain Vecona, there are actually very little similarities between the two characters other assuming the role of pirate. Maggot's first introduction claimed that she "rules our Asylum with steel fists, never letting us sleep; she sleeps with one eye open at all times and she gouges men's eyes out with her pinkie." By the end of her first tour, however, her character had developed further and became less like the character from The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls, Jolie Rogue.

The talents she showcased during the concerts have included stilt walking, hula hooping with and without fire, and lyra acrobatics.

During The Bloody Crumpet Wars, fans of Captain Maggot were Captain Maggot's Pyrate Crew.

Personal Life and CareerEdit

Maggie Lally was formerly the lead singer of the alternative band Insects vs. Robots. She announced her departure from the band in a Facebook post in November 2013. She is also an active member of the performance group Lucent Dossier, with whom she travels and tours with when she is not touring with Emilie Autumn. Lally also appears as one of three Woe-Maidens in the 2011 film The Devil's Carnival, the other two being fellow Bloody Crumpet Contessa and vlogger Hannah Minx.

On October 22, 2013, Lally posted a video stating she would be going on hiatus from being a Crumpet. Emilie later revealed that she was attending Clown College. Maggot was not present for the final Fight Like a Girl Tour; however, she did return for The Asylum Experience in 2014.

Lally is openly bisexual, and was formerly in a relationship with fellow Insects vs Robots member Milo Gonzalez. She also currently does side work as a hospital clown.

Trivia Edit

  • Lally cares for a dachshund puppy named Quincy and two rats named Honey Pie and Nina.
  • Lally used to own a rat named Nanuk, who passed away in early 2013 following a surgery. Lally did not formally announce Nanuk's death until months later, stating that she was too upset to say anything around the time that it happened.
  • In an interview, Emilie said that offstage, she kisses Maggots more often than she kisses Veronica.
  • In the short film 7 of Love (stylized as 7 of ♥), Lally revealed that she had taken a vow of abstinence that lasted roughly two to three months.
  • Lally is fluent in Spanish, and knows American Sign Language at a novice level.
  • She has a tattoo of a bangle that wraps around her left arm.
  • When Lally was in high school, she dressed in traditional goth clothing.
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