A Cure? (Instrumental)
Ancient Grounds (Instrumental)
A Strange Device (Instrumental)
Be Silent, Be Still
Best Safety Lies in Fear
By the Sword
Castle Down
Cold (Instrumental)
Come Away
Dead is the New Alive
Dominant (Instrumental)
Don't Blame Me
Epilogue (Instrumental)
Epilogue: What If?
Face the Wall (Instrumental)
Faces Like Mine
Fight Like a Girl
Find Me a Man
Gaslight Reprise (Instrumental)
Gentlemen Aren't Nice
Girls! Girls! Girls!
Gloomy Sunday
God Help Me
Gothic Lolita
Goodnight, Sweet Ladies
Heard it All
Hell is Empty (Instrumental)
Hollow Like My Soul
How Strange
I Don't Understand
I Know Where You Sleep
I Lost My Mind But I Found My Body
I Want My Innocence Back
If I Burn
If You Feel Better
In Reality
In the Lake
Lady Anne
Leech Jar (Instrumental)
Let it Die
Let the Record Show
Mad Girl
Manatee Retard
Manic Depression (Instrumental)
Marry Me
Misery Loves Company
Miss Lucy Had Some Leeches
My Fairweather Friend
Never You Mind
O Mistress Mine
On a Day... (Instrumental)
One Foot in Front of The Other
One Foot in the Grave
Organ Grinder (Instrumental)
Photographic Memory
Prologue (Instrumental)
Prologue: Across the Sky
Revelry (Instrumental)
Rose Red
Russian Bride
Save You
Second Hand Faith
Start Another Story
Syringe (Instrumental)
Take the Pill
Thank God I'm Pretty
The Art of Suicide
The Key
Time for Tea
Unlaced (Instrumental)
We Want Them Young
What Will I Remember?
Willow (Instrumental)
4 o'Clock
4 o'Clock Reprise (Instrumental)

General InformationEdit

Emilie Autumn's Chambermaid was first released on her Chambermaid EP in 2001, along with some remixes of the song. It was again released in 2003 on her full-length album Enchant, and some remixes were released for the last time in 2007 on her compilation album A Bit O' This & That.


Album: Chambermaid EP

  • Track Number: 1
  • Length: 3:14
  • Released: 2001

Album: Enchant

  • Track Number: 3
  • Length: 3:14
  • Released: February 23, 2003

Remixes Edit

Space Mountain Mix (a.k.a. Space Mix)

  • By: Emilie Autumn
  • Albums: Chambermaid EP and A Bit O' This & That (As Space mix)
  • Length: 6:49
  • Track Number: 02, Chambermaid EP; 01 A Bit O' This & That
  • Released: 2001 and April 23, 2007

Decompostion Remix

  • By: Emilie Autumn
  • Album: Chambermaid EP
  • Length: 3:02
  • Track Number: 03, Chambermaid EP
  • Released: 2001


Show your face
Don’t hide
Take off the mask now
Underneath is a deep dark secret
Take me for a ride
Upon your white horse
Take your love
‘Cause I don’t want to keep it
I am out of place
And honey you are out of time
I’d tell your fortune
But the words don’t rhyme

I’m not your chambermaid
You’re not my lord
All the fine games we played
Have left me bored
I never want to see you come around my castle
‘Cause I just can’t afford to love you
I’m not your chambermaid
You’re not my lord

Tell me what I have to do to make you
Understand it’s a lost cause lover
Tell me while you’re at it how it feels to
Hold me close when you’ve been thinking of her
I don’t want to hear you say you love me
You’ve been gone such a long time
Won’t you turn around
Before I have to see this
Face I once adored
Don’t you see
I am out of place
And honey you are out of time
I’d tell your fortune
But the words don’t rhyme


You have no hold over me
What’s in your cards now let me see
I hope you’ve got what you wanted
There’s just one thing I know will never be


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