"How does one get a rat out of her hole? Why, one must burn her out!"

- Count de Rothsberg to Anne and Emily

Count de Rothsberg is a nobleman and the wealthy patron of The Unfortunate Girls' Music Conservatoire, as well as The Asylum. He "adopts" Emily.

History Edit

Count de Rothsberg is a member of England's high society. A connoisseur of fine arts, he takes in students from the Conservatoire to entertain him and his friends of quality. He lives in his stately mansion, Bainbridge, with Anne, another former pupil at the Conservatoire whom he frequently abuses and ridicules.

Emily's growing suspicions of the Conservatoire's real purpose makes the Headmaster only too eager to get rid of her, so he is content to let the Count purchase her and have her sent to his estate. Upon arrival at Bainbridge, he welcomes her and encourages her to make herself at home.

Emily doesn't buy his cute act, which is justifiable, as during the private concert she performs for the Count, he undoes his clothing to pleasure himself, and later violently attacks and rapes her. While recovering in her chamber, she learns of the Count's insatiable lust for little girls, who he and his friends of "the highest birth" subject to unspeakable torture and murder for sport.

At one point the Count was the guardian of two sisters, one of which he murdered and the other sent to The Asylum after she gouged his eye out.

One evening he orders Emily to dress up, as has invited his gentlemen friends for yet another night of revelry. Implying what fate she stands to meet if introduced to these men, Anne defends her friend by bashing the Count over his head with a heavy book of erotic art. During the escape Emily incapacitates him with an erotic statue. The Count and his friends chase the two girls over the bridge en route to London, but can only watch as they jump into the Thames.

After learning that Emily survived, the Count issues a warrant for her, and upon finding her, signs her into the custody of Madame Mournington, who he manipulates into believing Emily is insane. Later he visits the Asylum and makes himself visible to Emily, perhaps to gloat.

Personality and appearance Edit

Count de Rothsberg enjoys his high-born status and displays it ostentatiously in every aspect of his person and home. He is intelligent and well-educated. However, his heart houses an unfathomably deep hatred of women; seeing them as mere objects for his sadistic amusement, particularly young girls, but no woman under his roof is safe. Not only is he physically violent and sexually deviant towards his victims, but is manipulative and emotionally abusive.

The Count is described as tall, with blond hair, sharp teeth and a German accent. His remaining eye is piercing blue, and he wears patches of different materials to disguise the missing one.

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