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Emilie Autumn ran a store on early in her career, from around 2001-2005. The store has since been shut down. Her merchandise consisted mostly clothing for man and animal alike, though she did sell odds and ends such as lunchboxes, stickers, totebags, drinkware, teddy bears, liscence plate frames, and mouse pads.

The CafePress site also hosted Autumn's poetry book, Your Sugar Sits Untouched, their orders coming with a now-rare 8-track sample disc of the poetry readings that came with the full two-disc set of the Book and Audio CD set from WillowTech House.


The main categories of Autumn's products on CafePress included the following (though there may have been more):

  • Emilie Autumn
  • The Jane Brooks Project
  • Ravensong
  • Convent
  • Dream & Sugar
  • Traitor Gear
  • WillowTech House

Each category had their own subdivisions, which included such things as:

  • Apparel
  • Headgear
  • Buttons, Stickers, and Magnets
  • Posters & Calendars
  • Baggage

Autumn offered a number of clothing options on her website, which included the following designs, logos, and phrases:

  • "I'm Sorry, Was I Thinking Again?"
  • "Emilie Autumn: Once Upon A Time Is Now"
  • "I Steal Music on the Internet"
  • "Street Harrassment Sucks"
  • "iLove"
  • "Mall Goth"
  • "Got Goth?" and "Got SoyMilk?"
  • Enchant Album Cover
  • Bonny Tyme Pyrate
  • Indie Rock Royalty
  • Tea-Themed Merchandise
  • WTH Mistress Merchandise
  • WTH Cameo Logo
  • Violin and Corest Logo
  • and more...

Each clothing design was offered in mens, womens, kids, and pet size.

On the "I'm Sorry" page, the creation of the phrase and t-shirt is explained:

Emilie Autumn, a.k.a. the Queen of DIY, was once recording in some ritzy hollywood studio with a producer who greatly preferred that his ward just keep her mouth shut when she wasn't singing. So, before ditching the deal altogether, she hand-painted the original "I'm sorry, was I thinking again?" tank in her best calligraphic hand, and wore it to the studio. Nobody noticed. EA suspected that the producer couldn't read. [1]

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