A breif description and account of Emilie Autumn's social media accounts.


Autumn joined Twitter on June 30, 2009, as @emilieautumn. Her first tweet was:
First EA Twitter post ever...something I never planned to do, yet here I sit with no 'puter, with somthing that must be told at once... [1]

To date, she has posted more than 300 pictures and has connected accounts on yFrog and has posted though Twitlonger in the past. Some deleted posts can be found archived here.  Her Twitpics can be browsed in full here. As of June 2013, her yFrog cannot be accessed.


Autumn has two facebook profiles: her Official Fanpage and Personal Profile. Her personal profile has reached the max number of friends as of early 2012.

Autumn's official fanpage opened on February 18, 2008. She has over 300,000 likes. People with access to post on her account include Emilie Autumn, The Asylum Headmistress, and Queen fLee

Her personal fanpage opened in May 2009. She has over 5,000 friends.


Autumn joined Myspace on August 26, 2004. She remained active on her account until Myspace fell out of popularity with Facebook's rise, with posts on her blog (which also appeared on the official forums) and music available for streaming. She has over 140,000 friends. 

Autumn also had a Myspace page for her record label, Traitor Records. It has just under 750 connections (friends) and offers an "exclusive" mic test audio track of Autumn singing Morrissey. 


Autumn had a very active LiveJournal called BonnyTymePyrate until late 2010 or 2011, when the account was purged and deleted. The LiveJournal account featured a few journal entries that were not posted on any other website, as well as shared posts from Myspace and the Asylum forums.

The earliest remnant of Autumn's LJ says she joined in August 2004. Her first post seems to have been:

Hi. I'd like to welcome myself to my new LJ. I think I'll stay awhile and arrange things nicely for company...[2]

Autumn also had an LJ group called BPT: Bonny Tyme Pyrates, that focused on selling, buying, and sharing the fashions and creations of her fans. This group has been deleted as well.


Emilie does not have a tumblr that has been publicially confirmed as her. Despite this, a number of fanpages exist on Tumblr. You can search the autumn Emilie Autumn tag to see the "Tumblr Rats."

Official WebsitesEdit


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