Fight Like A Girl
Background Information
Name Fight Like A Girl
Released July 24, 2012
Recorded 2010-2012
Length 1:04:31
Genre Broadway, Industrial, Alternative
Label The Asylum Emporium
 Fight Like A Girl is Emilie Autumn's fourth studio album.  It was preceed by Laced/Unlaced in 2007. 

Development and PublicationEdit

In the 2009 commentary album, The Opheliac Companion, Autumn had teased that the name of her next album could be "Fight Like A Girl." In 2010, Autumn officially announced the album's acronym, "F.L.A.G.", on her Twitter account. [1]

Early accounts of the creation of Fight Like A Girl in 2010 lead fans to believe that the album would not be unlike it's predecssor, Laced/Unlaced, in that the album would be "more metal."[2] Throughout 2011, Autumn teased the new album on her twitter, releasing sound snippets of the album, track titles, and posting lyrics to songs that were planned to be on the album (some did not make the final release). On August 4, 2011, Autumn released an iPhone recording of what would come to be known as "Start Another Story."[3]

The oldest song on the album, "If I Burn" was written around 2004. In an interview for Lime Mascara in 2004, Autumn revealed it was itnded to be released on Opheliac [4]; however, it did not make the final album. Originally, the song focused on the witch-burnings in early America. 

Songs and lyrics that did not make the final album release included:

  • Track Title: I Lost My Mind But Found My Body[5]
  • Lyrics: The fate of us both is in this bottle, such a little thing, but will I swallow? You know I will, but someday I just might "forget."[6]
  • Lyrics: My fist, your face. My knife, your back. We kill with grace. My girls, ATTACK![7]
  • Lyrics: And I'll never ask you to be waiting at midnight, beneath the shivering sky, so kiss me goodbye... kiss me goodbye... [8]
  • Lyrics: Revolution begins... begins with me and you. [9]


Track Length
1. "Fight Like a Girl" 5:24
2. "Time for Tea" 4:03
3. "4 o'Clock (Reprise)" 1:21
4. "What Will I Remember?" 2:54
5. "Take the Pill" 5:17
6. "Girls! Girls! Girls!" 6:14
7. "I Don't Understand" 2:12
8. "We Want Them Young" 2:47
9. "If I Burn" 5:31
10. "Scavenger" 6:59
11. "Gaslight" 5:09
12. "The Key" 2:12
13. "Hell Is Empty" 1:11
14. "Gaslight (Reprise)" 2:13
15. "Goodnight, Sweet Ladies" 4:44
16. "Start Another Story" 1:57
17. "One Foot Infront of the Other" 4:32

Digital SingleEdit

April 11, 2012


  • Harvest Festival
  • Fight Like A Girl 2012
  • Fight Like A Girl 2013


  2. "It’s going to be creepier, scarier, more metal, more violent, not for any reason other than that’s what happens in the story."
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