A list of all music videos, full concert recordings, TV appearances, and movie appearances by Emilie Autumn and her Bloody Crumpets.

Music VideosEdit

"Pornstar Champion" by Scum of the Earth (unreleased)

"Born Again" by Die Warzau

"Fight Like A Girl" by Emilie Autumn

Full ConcertsEdit

Enchant Performance (short setlist)

Enchant Halstead Market Days (short setlist)

Opheliac Performance (unpublished, there were plans for a DVD release by Trisol)

Burlesque Show for Kinkats Magazine Party [2009] 

Fight Like A Girl Tour recorded by Moscham [2012]

Fight Like A Girl Tour recorded by Gigstream [2012]

Fight Like A Girl Tour (short setlist) recorded by JBTV [2013]

Television AppearancesEdit

HGTV: Crafters Coast to Coast [2004]

Jay Leno: "Hold Onto Me" with Courtney Love [2004]

WGN: "We the Kings" with Billy Corgan [2006]

Metalocolypse: Intro music for "Fat Kid at the Detharmonic" and song "Detharmonic" [October 8, 2006]

WGN: "Misery Loves Company" [2006]

WGN: "Bohemian Rhapsody" [2009]

WGN: "Liar" [2009]

Alfombra Roja: "Dead is the New Alive"

FOX: "Girls! Girls! Girls!" [2012]

JBTV: Fight Like A Girl concert & interview [2013] 

Movie AppearancesEdit

Mirror Mirror: Raven Dance II (credited as Autumn Fritzges)

11-11-11 (uncredited) [2011]

The Devil's Carnival, Ep. 1 (The Painted Doll) [2012]

The Devil's Carnival, Ep. 2 (The Painted Doll) [2013/2014]

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