Little Lucina
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Background Information
Name Lucina
Birth Place Germany
Instrument(s) Piano, vocals
Lucina (otherwise known as MyLucina, Little Lucina, or Lucina Wish) is a German pianist and vocalist. She has her own music career under the name MyLucina, but is currently on hiatus. She toured with Emilie Autumn as a Bloody Crumpet in 2007 and 2008 

Bloody CrumpetEdit


As a Bloody Crumpet, Little Lucina was noted for her melancholia, as depicted by the double-teardrop painted beneath her right eye. Her following belonged to "Lucina's Lovely Lunatics."

Personal Life and CareerEdit

Lucina has released a 4-track album entitled "MyLucina," which one can attempt to order from her website . The four tracks are "Finding Faith," "The Bride," "Goodbye Lover," and "Bittersuesser Schmerz."

She has collaborated with Felix-Marc on the track "Collector" from his album, "Parallel Worlds."

Lucina married her long-time boyfriend in 2012.

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