Bloody Crumpet
Stage Name Little Miss Sugarless
Born May 21, 1978
Birth Place Palm Springs, California, United States
Located Los Angeles, CA, USA
Fields Actress, professional clown, singer, dancer
Active 2008

Little Miss Sugarless, or Jesselynn Desmond, is a former member of Emilie Autumn's Bloody Crumpets. She is a Los Angeles based actress and member of circus troupe Lucent Dossier.

Bloody CrumpetsEdit

Sugarless joined the Bloody Crumpets in 2008, along with Captain Maggot  and Contessa, all of whom were members of circus performance group Lucent Dossier. She portrayed a former child prostitute with Peter Pan Syndrome: the body of a grown woman, but the mind of a child. 

Partway through the tour Sugarless fell sick and returned home. She did not continue to tour with Emilie and the Crumpets from this point forward, though this was never explained or announced officially.

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