The Asylum Tour was the first full tour with Opheliac as well as Emilie's first full European tour.

Development[edit | edit source]

The sets, props, and costumes for this tour were made by both Emilie and Vecona. Many of the things that are now standard (if allowed by the venue) began on this tour incuding, the Asylum Screens of which there were two during this tour, the electric piano being lavishly decorated and being called the harpsichord, and the heart corset that would be, for a period her signature costume.

Lucina was unable to perform on this tour as she had been injured shortly before it started, she returned to The Bloody Crumpets during The Plague tour. This was Veronica Varlow's first tour. Unlike the tour in the summer all of the Bloody Crumpets' costumes were custom as opposed to being taken from Vecona's stock.

Lucas Lanthier was the opening act on this tour

Bloody Crumpets[edit | edit source]

(From left to right) Veronica Varlow, Emilie, Vecona, Aprella

Set List[edit | edit source]

  1. Best Safety Lies in Fear
  2. 4 O'Clock
  3. Opheliac
  4. Swallow
  5. Liar
  6. I Want My Innocence Back
  7. Unlaced
  8. God Help Me
  9. Let the Record Show
  10. Dead Is The New Alive
  11. Face The Wall
  12. Mad Girl
  13. Thank God I'm Pretty
  14. The Art of Suicide

Tour Dates[edit | edit source]

Date Venue City Country
December 5 Zeche Carl Essen Germany
December 6 Das Rind Rüsselsheim Germany
December 7 Tivoli de Helling Utrecht The Netherlands
December 8 Ballroom Hamburg Germany
December 9 Kato Berlin Germany
December 10 Rockfabrik Augsburg Germany
December 11 Planet Music Vienna Austria
December 14 MUSIC DROME Milan Italy
December 15 Jailbreak Rome Italy

Notable Events[edit | edit source]

  • Suffer the Bear was assumed to have been stolen in Rome (It was reveled years later that he was misplaced at the end of the tour and was found in a misplaced bag in 2008)
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