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The Door
was the final tour for the album Opheliac. The tour contained two legs, one in South America in 2010 and one in North American leg in early 2011. This was the first South American Tour.


Due to costs of shipping props and tour pieces by plane, these shows became the first Asylum shows to feature the stripped down stage. The lavish props and decorations were replaced with the simple Asylum Screen and some risers, as well as Autumn's violin and some pastries about the stage.

This was Autumn's second visit to Mexico, but her first visit to South America. She also Canal 13 in Chile, performing "Dead is the New Alive."

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Bloody CrumpetsEdit


  1. Best Safety Lies in Fear
  2. 4 o'Clock
  3. Opheliac
  4. Liar
  5. The Art of Suicide
  6. I Want My Innocence Back
  7. Shalott
  8. Dominant (Veronica's Fan Dance)
  9. God Help Me
  10. Unlaced
  11. Dead Is The New Alive
  12. 306
  13. Misery Loves Company
  14. Face the Wall
  15. Mad Girl
  16. Bohemian Rhapsody (cover by Queen)
  17. Thank God I'm Pretty

Tour DatesEdit

Date Venue City Country
November 13, 2010 Blondie Santiago Chile
November 14, 2010 Inferno Club Sao Paulo Brazil
November 15, 2010 Roxy Live Bar Buenos Aires Argentina
November 18, 2010 Moulin Rouge Caracas Venezuela
November 19, 2010 Circo Volador Mexico City Mexico
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