WillowTech House
Willowtech house
Background Information
Name WillowTech House
Owned Emilie Autumn & Queen fLee
Located Chicago, IL
Type Fashion
Website (closed)
Subdivisions Alter, a Shrine to Recycled Fashion
WillowTech House Publishing

WillowTech House (WTH) was an online boutique run by Emilie Autumn and Queen fLee (Lee Ann Helmer) in the early 2000s, which sold cothing, bath and body care items, accessories, perfumes, books, and CDs. They were a sister-site with Autumn's Traitor Records, often featuring package deals that came with the album Enchant

WTH's tagline was "Indie Couture for the Lady Iconoclast."

General InformationEdit

WillowTech House had three subdivisions: WillowTech House: Hardcore, WillowTech House Publishing, and Alter, a Shrine to Recycled Fashion. Each was run by the business' original duo, with other artists, such as a designer known as "Smarmy," selling some of their merchandise alongside them on AlterWTH was active until late 2005, when Autumn became pre-occupied with her obligations to her music career and new record label, Trisol Music Group GmbH. Alter opened around this time.

WTH was based around selling fashion, fashion accessories, and bath and body care items. Such items included hand-made faerie wings, soap in the shape of various pastries, perfume, jewelry, and t-shirts and hoodies. All items were hand-made by the owners of the website.

WTH: Publishing operated in part through the website Cafe Press, which sold Autumn's poety book, Your Sugar Sits UntouchedWTH was also a business partner with Traitor Records, selling package deals with Autumn's album, Enchantin their Car Accessories Kit.


Mistress 4

Mistress Perfume ad.

This is an incomplete product list of WillowTech House items.


  • "Hot Tea" Jr. Baby Doll T & "Royal Tea" Jr. Raglan ($30)
  • "Not Tea" Tank ($29)
  • "Punkatorian" Candy Pink Spiked Lace Collar ($75)
  • "Punkatorian" Candy Pink Cuff ($40)
  • Garbage Angel: Frock No. 1 ($790)

Emilie Autumn Wing Collection

  • "Tea Party" Faerie Wings ($290)
  • "Enchant" Faerie Wings: Moonshadow, Blush, and Moss colors ($390)

Bonny Tyme Pyrate

  • Bonny Type Pyrate T-shirt
  • Indie Rock Royalty T-shirt


  • "Sleeping Beauty" Ear Cuff ($60)
  • "Night Crawler" Ear Cuff ($45)

Apotheca Collection: Jewelry

  • Frosted Lavender "Hourglass" Pendant ($90)
  • Lavender "Pomander" Drop Chocker ($75)
  • "Peace" Lavender Pomander Pendant ($75)


  • WTH "Cameo" Car Accessory Kit [bumper sticker, liscence plate frame, mirror ornament, and Enchant] ($108)
  • WTH "Cameo" Travel Kit [totebag, notebook, mug] ($98)
  • Customized Crystal "Iconoclast" Lunchbox ($150)
  • "Vanillia Creme" Potpurri Purse ($160)

"Patissiere" Body Therapy

  • Birthday Cake Soap, 8.5 oz ($24.80)
  • Pink Cocoa Cookie Dough Soap, 3 oz ($7.80)

"Orientalism" Body Therapy

  • Fortunista Fortune Cookie Soaps, 3 oz ($12.90)
  • Soybeans for the Skin Face Wash, 2. oz ($14.80)
  • Milkan My Body Lotion Bar, 2. oz ($8.80)
  • Megami Sushi Roll, 3.5 oz ($12.90)

Mistress Products

Faerie Poison and Scarbourough Faire Products

  • Moisture Creme ($6.99)
  • Foaming Bath Gel ($6.99)
  • Essential Oil Parfum ($13.00)
  • Essential Oil Parfum Atomizer ($15.99)

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