Your Sugar Sits Untouched
Background Information
Author Emilie Autumn
Released 2005
Language English
Length 75:00
Genre Spoken Word, Poetry
Label WillowTech House Publications
Traitor Records
Pages 105
Your Sugar Sits Untouched, tea time poems by Emilie Autumn, is a poetry book released by WillowTech House's Publication branch in 2005. The partial re-release of EA's sold-out poetry book from 2001, Across the Sky and Other Poems, YSSU was priced at $36.00 and included 7 new poems and an audio CD of all 45 poems read aloud by Autumn. It was printed as a glossy soft cover with 105 pages, measuring 7.5" x 9.25". It was sold through their store at their store with a limit of 3000 copies worldwide. 

General InformationEdit

Your Sugar Sits Untouched is the 2005 re-release of Autumn's 2001 Across the Sky and Other Poems poetry book, with 7 additional poems added. The printing was limited to 3000 copies worldwide and came accompanied with two CDs of the poetry read aloud by Autumn.

A pre-order for the Book and CD combo was held from September 3, 2005 to September 10, 2005.[1] Some of the first copies sold were autographed by Autumn and included a red satin bookmark.[2]

If the book was purchased through Autumn's CafePress account, it came accompanied with a one-disc audio CD with only 8 tracks of the spoken poetry.[3] To purchase the two-disc set, the book had to be bought through WillowTech House.

In 2008, the audio tracks were re-released on Itunes. If purchased through The Asylum Emporium, the audio files come with a .pdf file of the book.

Poems Edit


  1. Your Sugar Sits Untouched
  2. Goodbye
  3. The Day You Love
  4. At What Point Does A Shakespeare Say
  5. Blackbird Sonnets
  6. Constant
  7. Ghost
  8. How to Break a Heart
  9. Rant 1
  10. In Praise of Cyrano
  11. So Many Fools
  12. The Ballad of Mushroom Down
  13. The One
  14. Space
  15. Alas (The Knight)
  16. A Letter from a Friend
  17. A Plea to the Dying
  18. Close
  19. Dreams
  20. Everybody's Girl
  21. Empty
  22. Homesick Sonnets
  23. Rant II
  24. Little Boy


  1. Smirking Girl
  2. Try My best
  3. Nearer Than You
  4. The Muse
  5. The Music I Heard Once
  6. If You Could Only Know
  7. Funny How Things Change
  8. I Didn't Mean You
  9. If
  10. Visions
  11. By the Sword
  12. Didn't
  13. If You Feel Better
  14. Two Masks
  15. What Right Have I
  16. WOMAN
  17. I Cried For You
  18. Rapunzel Sonnes
  19. Never Tasted Tears
  20. Jump the Track
  21. On Artistic Integrity
  22. Manipulation



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